Om Os

Haldbjerg Naturcampus is a family-run business, with a strong passion for nature and for people development. We initiated Haldbjerg Naturcampus back in 2015 with the purpose of giving individuals, groups and families nature experiences that would make them grow, as individuals and as teams/families and in addition create new learnings about the nature that surrounds us. 




Unik natur med skøn udsigt

Haldbjerg Naturcampus is located on a hill neighbouring the woods of Gribskov and Kongernes Nordsjælland National Park. The hill has been called Haldbjerg since ancient times and overlooks the lake Solbjerg Engsø. Part of the hill was excavated in the 1950s to use sand and gravel for the establishment of roads and paths in North Zealand. This activity left a fantastic natural area with hilly terrain and steep slopes, untouched since the mid-1960s. 

In the deep gorge, left by the activity of the gravel excavation, there is an incredible calm and warmth, and the hillside to the south with a view over land and the meadow with the small lake calls for many different activities.

We have developed the area by cleaning up the vegetation and planting new ones, as well as built shelters and bon-fire huts that can support meetings and activities.

Med naturen som omdrejningspunkt

Being in the nature re-ignites our senses. We feel like being active, challenging ourselves, opening up and calming down. A company that had their yearly board meeting with us said afterwards: “We have never been as efficient as out here… and we can´t really explain why…”

The nature at Haldbjerg is unique and diverse. You will find nature protected grass-land, a meadow with old oak trees, a gorge with steep slopes and patches of trees, shrubs and herbs that can be harvested for use on your bon-fire meal. 



Om ejerene

Haldbjerg is owned and run by Tine og Tonny Pedersen, backed up by family and friends. We both have many years of people development and outdoor experiences and Haldbjerg is an opportunity to unite both our passions. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your teams, friends or family at Haldbjerg – and do you have a good idea or a special request, we would love to hear about it. 

Naturens kloster

We are planning to build a solid structure that can support activities all year round. We call it “the nature´s monestary” as a reference to Haldbjergs location on the ancient pilgrimage from Esrum monestary to Tisvilde, now a popular hiking trail. 

Landskabets Kloster

Frivillige hjælpere og samarbejdspartnere

We continue to develop our area and services, and family and friends are strongly involved in the creation and realization of new ideas. We would not have come this far without them!

Partner med Tisvildevejen og Nationalparken

Two of the main tracks at the hiking route Tisvildevejen passes by Haldbjerg. We are therefore engaged ourselves in the association and the further development of guided tours, new tracks, accomodation and the start up of the small café by Tibberuphus. 

Furthermore, we are engaged as partners in the national park “Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland” to further develop activities within and around the national park. 



Teambuilding: ILTI House, Alegria Consulting by Mette Lohse, LederLØFT v. Cæcilia Nilsson, Erhvervspsykolog Louise Kampmark, samt uGrow Consulting v/ Tine Pedersen

Campfire gourmet cooking:, Madsnedkeren og

Activities: DJEEOMTB-Tours, climbing instructors and many others

Beer brewing: Tolykkegaard “Det våde Får” and Annisse Bryghus

Danish wine/nature wine: Garbolund Naturvin and Ørby Vingård 

Local gin/whiskey tastings: Thornæs destilleri

Catering: Loop Kantiner by Lonogoma, Kødsnedkeren, Pibemølle Vin og Ost

Fotograf: Mikkel Adsbøl and Daniel Villadsen

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